Harrassment Report Form

Use this form to report incidents of harassment on campus.

Definitions of different forms of harassment are available here.

This report will be submitted to the checked R-MC official(s) and will serve as a preliminary report.

The checked R-MC official(s) will contact the victim as long as the victim includes their name and contact information, for a more thorough follow-up in response to the submitted report. Victims and third parties can submit reports.

IMPORTANT: All reported incidents of sexual exploitation/violence involving students will be investigated by the Title IX Coordinator, or designee. Once an accuser reports an assault with identifying information about the accused, the College is required by law to initiate an investigation. All R-MC employees are required to report all known sexual exploitation/violence information to the Title IX Coordinator. There is also mandatory reporting of incidents involving underage students.

While the Coordinator will strive to handle all reports in a confidential manner, the investigators may be required to contact witnesses, including the accused assailant.

When there is an ongoing threat to the community a warning with no identifying information about the victim may be sent to the community at large.

The professional staffs of Counseling Services and Student Health Services, as well as the College Chaplain's Office, are exempt from mandatory reporting. Accordingly, any victim of sexual assault may confidentially consult with the counselors of Counseling Services, the health care providers at Student Health Services, or the College Chaplain, about: the College's investigative process, the College's internal judicial procedures, referrals to the local police, local support resources, and medical services – without a mandatory report to the Coordinator. Someone accused of sexual assault is granted the same rights and protections from Counseling Services, Health Services, and the Chaplain's Office - and will be availed the same resources. Counseling Service staff are available for consultation to faculty and staff, not for ongoing counseling; referral information will be provided upon request.

Reports sent to the Ombuds, the Dean of the College, and/or the College Judicial Officer - not pertaining to sexual assault/violence/harassment - will initiate an investigation and the investigation will be actionable by the College, with the victim's consent (all of these reports, regardless of the reporting options used, will be treated in a confidential manner).

OPTIONS FOR SUBMITTING THIS INICIDENT REPORT (need to check one; can check two or more)


Coordinator for Non-discrimination and Title IX Coordinator


Harassment is conduct and/or verbal action which, because of its severity and/or persistence, interferes significantly with an individual's or a group's work or education, or adversely affects living conditions.

Many forms of harassment constitute impermissible and illegal discrimination. Harassment of this sort includes but is not limited to incitement to or threat of violence; epithets referring to race, gender, disability, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender expression; and/or physical conduct that is unwelcome, hostile or intimidating. College policy also recognizes as harassment other forms of conduct and/or verbal communication that are derogatory, hostile, intimidating, threatening, "bullying", humiliating or violent, although not necessarily illegal and that do not necessarily refer to a legally protected status or environment.

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and/or other verbal or physical acts of a sexual nature which, because of their severity and/or persistence, interfere significantly with an individual's or a group's work or education, or adversely affect an individual's or a group's living conditions.

Sexual harassment may include but is not limited to quid pro quo (something for something, such as a demand or offer of sexual activity to retain or obtain academic or employment benefits), and/or an abusive or hostile environment which interferes with the ability to function as a full participant in the Randolph-Macon College community.

Any form of harassment is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may be reported under the Code. Any form of harassment is also a violation of the College Non-Discrimination Policy; in turn, incidents of harassment may also be reported under the Non-Discrimination Policy. Further, since harassment in any form is also prohibited by Federal Law, a victim may file a complaint with the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C., the R-MC Ombuds. An Ombuds, or a member of the R-MC Committee on Non-discrimination, can help a victim with information about this procedure.

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