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Student Photography Work Study Form

The campus student photographer will assist the Marketing & Communications office by taking photos on campus for events such as lectures, performances, club and organization activities including community service, and other related miscellaneous events. Please use the qualification form below to describe your strong photography experience, skills and portfolio. You must be able to show samples of your work, possess thorough knowledge of photography and equipment, including editing skills with Photoshop. Possessing your own camera is a plus. The campus student photographer must be reliable, be able to work under deadlines and have a strong work ethic.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who have strong photography skills to gain valuable experience and recognition for your work. If your photography meets the college's needs and quality standards, your images could be showcased on the college's website and in college publications.

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Are you eligible for federally funded or college funded work study?*This is a required field.

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Please provide a link to your photography portfolio or samples of your work via Flicker, Picasso, Smug Bug, etc. or your personal photography web site:*This is a required field.
Do you own a camera? If so, please describe.*This is a required field.
Describe photography equipment you have used:*This is a required field.
Share how your photography has been used.*This is a required field.
An example: gallery show, advertising (include links if available).
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Have you taken a photography class? Please describe and include the course name and year.*This is a required field.
Have you taken a page design or composition course?*This is a required field.
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