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Please think carefully about your answers and be completely honest, as the information you provide will be used to match you with a compatible roommate.

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Will you be playing varsity sports at R-MC (excluding intramurals)?

If yes, please indicate the sport:
If you are playing a sport, do you give consent for your coach/coaches to assign you a roommate from your team?

If you are playing a sport, and your coach/coaches do not assign you a roommate, would you prefer to be with another athlete?

Probable Academic Major:
Would you prefer a roommate with the same or similar major?

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If you follow a religion, which one would it be:

I plan to live:

If you had the option, would you want to live in a residence hall that did not allow overnight visitation by guests of either gender?

Co-ed and single sex residence halls - Please note that the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to have single-sex or co-ed residence halls, depending on the demographics of the incoming Freshman class.

Roommate Preference - If you already have a friend coming to Randolph-Macon that you would like to be rommates with please include that person's name. In order for us to place you both in the same room, you must both write each other's name on this form.

Preferred Roommate Name:
Andrews Hall - The earlier you deposit the more chances you have of being placed in Andrews Hall. If you are placed in Andrews and your preferred roommate does not, which would you prefer?

High School - Please indicate which high school you attended.
If someone else from your high school enrolls as a Freshman would you prefer to be placed with them:

Please answer the following questions honestly so that the best possible match can be made.

Do you smoke? Please answer "yes" even if you only smoke occasionally. (Even though smoking is not allowed in any campus buildings, it may still affect your living situation)

Which statement best describes you?

Which statement best describes your preference of study environment in your room?

Picture this: You keep your room door open 24-7, your friends drop by constantly, and you sit in the hallway chatting until 2 a.m. Does this scenario make you shudder, or can you hardly wait?

Sleeping with Music or TV on, which statements describes you best?

What type of music do you like?

If you choose "Other", please specify:

How do you feel about your roommate's significant other frequently spending time in your room?

Which statement best describes your standard for the condition of your room?

How would you feel about your roommate borrowing or sharing your personal belongings?

I see my room as a place to be used primarily for:

In dealing with conflicts:

How important is it for your roommate to have an interest similar to yours?

Are you the oldest, middle or youngest child in your family?

Name three (3) things that would be difficult to tolerate in a roommate:
Randolph-Macon College will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression in any phase of its admissions, financial aid, educational, athletic or other programs or activities. This includes roommate matching.
Name three (3) things that you want to gain in having a roommate?
What is your (Western) Zodiac sign? (Optional)
Are you shy or vocal?

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