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A. Purnell Bailey Pre-Ministerial Program

The A. Purnell Bailey Pre-Ministerial Program for Ordained Ministry is a unique program that encourages students who express an interest in spiritual formation and community service to pursue careers in ordained ministry. Many of these students move on to become leaders in the Methodist and other mainstream Christian denominations. Please use the following application to indicate and explain your interest in the program.

In addition to applying for the Bailey Scholars program, you will also need to complete the Randolph-Macon College application for admissions. You may complete both applications simultaneously.

Candidate Application

Preferred Name:
Year of Entry to R-MC:
Pastor's Name:

About You

What three attributes do you consider to be your best qualities?

Briefly describe the story of your faith journey.

In what ways have you been or are you presently involved in ministry?

What are some of your special interests?

About Your Future

What unique gift(s) do you have that equip you for Christian ministry?

What is your present understanding of vocation and God's call?

What forms of ministry interest you and why?

What is your greatest hope for the future?

Prospective Students
Prospective Students
Prospective Students
Prospective Students

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